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We provide healthy and nutritious food preparationsfor your pets to make your pet caring tasks easier. We have

  • Dry meals
  • Tinned meals
  • Frozen Raw food
  • Dehydrated meals etc.

At Raw4paws, we endeavor to let your pets live a healthy and happy life. Therefore, we offer only selected, natural foods and treats only that underwent a series of quality inspections to make sure that they are 100% safe and secure for the pets.All our products are wheat free and gluten free and contain no byproducts, unusable fillers or chemicals. These products will definitely make your pets look more healthy and active.

We offer shampoos, towels and few of the more daily care products for you pets. Our outlet also offers services like nail trimming for the pets, wing clipping etc.

Our employed staff is knowledgeable enough to provide top-notch services to the pet parents and is always ready to assist you. Our number one priority is our clients and their furry friends and hence provide more than just products, treats, services or supplies to completely nurture the pets.

We encourage fun and knowledgeable shopping experiences for you and your pets with an extensive assortment of products to meet all your pet's requirements and wishes.

We also handle classes of dog training to help you in making affirmative and lifelong relationship with your dog irrespectiveof their age.

We offer top to tail grooming services for your dogs along with vaccination services for your dogs during convenient evening hours at unbeatable price quotes.

Therefore,we always go a step ahead to meet all the needs and prerequisites of your pets. If you are still not a pet parent but want to buy one, feel free to ask us. We will keep on updating you about our pet adoption events that we usually host after every few months.