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Hiking With Pets? Bear In Mind These Dos & Don’ts

Hiking With Pets? Bear In Mind These Dos & Don’ts
Mar 10, 2017

Owning pets is the way to a better life. Period! Not only do they offer unconditional love, but also make you responsible, purely for the love of them. Yes, owning pets comes with its share of responsibilities that benefit both you and your pet. Thinking hiking for good health? Great! But thinking hiking with your pet is a terrific idea!

Pets, especially dogs, are an amazing company during hiking. But there are certain things worth considering to perfectly execute this plan. Here are a few easy tips concerning your furry friend to make your hiking date with him/her a success:

Trail choice – We’re sure you’ll make a conscious choice in choosing a trail as per your fitness level. However, it is equally crucial for the hiking track to be compatible with the fitness level of your pet. Uneven terrain along with the vertical climb makes hiking a more difficult task for pets, especially growing puppies, than the usual walks.

Check the weather forecast – Assure that you are not compelled to cancel your plan last minute. Therefore, checking the weather forecast is a wise move.

Health history – Certain physical conditions may restrain your pet from enjoying a hike. It is thus extremely important to look into its health history, especially keeping an eye for conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. And yes, your pet should have completed the vaccinations necessary so far.

Demeanour and necessary obedience – To take your pet out on an excursion, it must be extroverted and friendly in demeanour. It is also an absolute must that your pet follows basic commands (sit, stay, etc.) obediently so that it can be kept in control while sharing the trail both on-leash and off-leash. The obedience is also necessary to ensure your pet isn’t the cause of discomfort to other hikers.

Food and water provision – Keeping yourself and your pet well hydrated is imperative. So while you carry your sipper bottle, do not forget to pack your pet’s water and dish.

Backpacking for both – Yes, doggy backpacks are a thing. Go ahead and get one for your pet. Not only will it share your burden but also feel useful.

Leave no trace’ rule – In keeping the environment clean, you must follow these rules. Do not forget to fix all provisions to pick after your pet.

Simply adhere to these easy tips and we promise you the best hiking experience ever!

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