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chhosing the right feeding method for dog

chhosing the right feeding method for dog
Mar 10, 2017

Appropriate dog feeding is not that easy as it looks. It is crucial to find the correct type of food and also the exact type of feeding to you buddies.

Free feeding

Also called self-feeding. It means food is available for the dog all day long. It is something that most of the busy pet parents do. Free feeding is leaving your dog free to eat as much he wants by filling the bowl and leaving the rest on your dog. With multiple pets on one pan can cause a great hustle over the bowl for the food. It is best suitable if you are feeding your dog with dry meals.

Scheduled and controlled feeding

This is a much healthier manner to feed your dog. It limits the amount of intake of meals. There are further two ways to scheduled feeding. One is to fill the bowl completely and take it away after 10-20 minutes and second is to feed the dog with the measured portion of the meal. This will give the dogs peace of mind while eating and will also avoid any over eating. This is the best way to monitor your dog as well as his diet. Regular availability of food will help to reduce their begging habits. And many dogs can have their deserving share if you opt for this method.

You solely not take any decision and consult a vet for adopting the quick feeding method for long-term health benefits for your dog. Whatever the method is, always make sure that there is a bowl of fresh water available. Whatever the method may be, pay attention to what is needed by your dog. Every dog is different in it and hence has different eating habits and necessities too.

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